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Witness One


Description du casting

A film student looking for actors for a short scene.

The scene involves three characters: a detective and two witenesses. It is a comedic interragation of the two who are not taking the detective very seriously.

Shooting will take place in Bruxelles a scheduled day during the week from 19-23 of April.

As this is a student exercise I don't have the means to monetarily compensate you.

Contact me at if you are interested.

Witness One

A clueless witness who is not interested in the interrogation.

Comédien-ne Type de profil : Étudiant (écoles sup. artistiques ou techniques) Type de profil : Professionnel (métiers artistiques et non-artistiques)
Sexe : femme Sexe : homme Sexe : indéterminé Âge apparent : 20-25 ans Âge apparent : 25-30 ans